Pourhouse 9.24.16

Honey, it’s that time of year again!

Hey there Friends,

We had the most amazing night last Saturday. We played a show at The Pourhouse with Florence Republic and Autumn Reverie, both of whom were amazing to watch. If you were at our show at the Fallout Art Center back in 2015, you’ve seen Florence Republic before! Pourhouse 9.24.16

Just before our set, the Harry Potter crowd started to take over in anticipation of the costume contest taking place after the show. It made for an interesting evening, which was already otherworldly for us, since we are all in food service and a Saturday night off is almost unheard of.

After the show we couldn’t let this night off go to waste, we had to have a taste of what the real people did on these mythical weekend nights out. The costume contest was hilarious with Moaning Myrtle and Dolores Umbridge taking home the silver and gold, respectively.

Honey Show 10.12.16Next up was The White Keys, playing all the songs that you wanted to hear and even some songs that you didn’t know how badly you wanted to hear. Conincidentally Jeremy’s cousin, Sebastian is one half of the two piece band.

Coming up next is our Honey show on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016. You’ll get in for only $5 on our 2nd Annual Fan Appreciation night.

“It’s a cheap cover with cheap drinks and even cheaper people!”  jokes Nathan.

Remember last year when we had balloons and a fog machine? How fun was that? We’re willing to bet this year will be even better! First up, Jeanine will take the stage, sharing some of her solo music. Then the guys will be joining Jeanine for a fun surprise before they begin a 60 minute set of non stop Names to Faces! You can check out the Facebook event here. Doors open at 7:30, we’ll see you there!

All the Love,

Names to Faces